About United We Stream

Since the 15th of March, Amsterdams nightlife has come to a screaming halt as a result of the new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thousands of people who work in clubs, artists, producers and DJs are now without income. Many music venues, clubs, festivals and club nights are stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to stay afloat during these uncertain times. Our creative scene is suffering, and they our need help. 

That is why Stichting Nachtburgermeester Amsterdam (Night Mayor Foundation), VPRO 3voor12 and leading figures in Amsterdam’s nightlife are sticking their heads together to highlight the cultural value of our night scene. For the next month, United We Stream is going to live stream 4 hour long sessions almost daily from a variety of different clubs. There will be DJ sets, live performances, art performances, talks and background information about your favorite nightlife pioneers, with the objective to collect donations for the clubs, organizations and workers who are in dire need of our support. 

Why Donate?

All year round Amsterdam’s nightlife attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe because of her unique character, and the large variety of clubs, festivals and platforms ranking as some of the worlds greatest. Nighttime is more than a gathering place; it’s a source of inspiration. It offers a platform for experimenting, the flourish of talent, and cross pollination of the arts and manifestations of creativity.

Our nightlife would not exist if it weren’t for the hard work and endeavour of night workers, clubs and organizations, and their future is at risk because of the Corona outbreak; our whole nightlife culture is at risk. Many clubs will not be able to carry the financial burdens of these times, and will be forced to close. Thousands of people who are self-employed, or reliant on work from these clubs will face huge financial difficulties. Especially some marginalized groups who fall into a grey area with regards to the government aid plans.  

Taking this into account, we are urgently calling upon all those financially stable, who have a special place in their hearts for our nightlife scene and want to see it flourish through these tough times. Your support through donations will make the difference. 

All donations will be processed by Geef.nl from the GeefGratis foundation. All proceeds will be directed to a support fund which is run by the N8BM A’DAM foundation. An independent commission will equally divide the earnings to clubs and self-employed people in the nightlife sector, who have applied for this support. 8 percent of the proceeds of the support fund will go as a philanthropy tax to a charity outside of our nightlife; De Regenboog Groep. 

The application for the support fund will be available shortly.